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Cool Air Creations Green Initiatives

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is the simplest way to go green.
Our new 30,000 sq. ft. building has energy efficient lighting and fixtures.
We have energy-efficient machinery and well maintained equipment which results in less wasted energy.


Recycle, Re-use and Reduce

Recycling is reusing materials in original or changed forms rather than discarding them as waste. We recycle all cardboard and re-use paper and have reduced our raw materials such as reducing the amount of bagging in our packaging department and recycling our cotton rags for our ink changing so we are able to cure them and use them again.



Without changing the quality of our work we have converted our printing products into eco-friendly products.


Phthalate Free
At Cool Air Creations we mainly use non-phthalate inks. Phtalates or phthalic acids are used to control viscosity. Because there is no covalent bond, harmful phthalates release into the air and ground and contaminate water. Studies show exposure to Phthalates are harmful to humans, animals and plants in many ways.


Reclamation and Cleaning Systems
We have converted our cleaning products to soy and fruit based products that are environmentally friendly.


Eco-sol inks
Our digital printing department has converted to Eco-Sol inks that are odorless and contain no VOC’s. VOC’s are chemicals that have high vapor pressure and leak into the air. Most VOC’s are dangerous to humans and the environment



Even when using the most eco-friendly products on the market, we still take extra precaution to dispose of our waste properly. We contract with Safety-Kleen for the proper and most ecological way to dispose of any waste and remove any other environmental hazards.

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