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Can I buy blank items from Cool Air Creations, Inc.?

Yes, blank items may be purchased at wholesale pricing by either shopping in the on-line store or calling your promotional advisor. Cool Air Creations, Inc. takes pride in being able to supply you with everything from a single blank polo or t shirt all the way up to thousands of custom screen printed or embroidered sweats, hats and jackets.

How long does it take to complete a custom screen print or embroidery order?

A typical screen print or embroidery order should take approximately 7 working days. There are many variables that can affect this time frame (including you), however we are pretty good at maintaining this lead time.

What is a film charge?

In order to transfer your custom artwork to a shirt, we need to create the “screen”. Each color in a particular design requires an individual screen to print correctly. Just as in a standard camera, we need to produce a “film” that represents that color and allows us to “shoot” the image onto the screen. These charges are a one time charge and as long as you do not change your custom artwork may be used again and again.

Can I mix the color of garments in my order?

Yes, however special consideration should be given to the print colors to ensure they will work on all garments chosen. If there is a required print color change, you may incur some color change charges. Although these charges are typically minimal, they can usually be avoided by considering a different garment color.

Can I see one before the rest get printed?

At Cool Air Creations, Inc., our art department is among the best in the business. All steps prior to actually printing the first piece are extremely thorough and should put your mind at ease. If you find that you still have reservation, a “strike” or first piece can be produced for a fee of $75.00 plus the cost of all films and garments.

What format do I need my artwork in?

Please download our artwork submission guide.

Have you got a question regarding screen printing, embroidery or promotional products?

Ask us and we’ll post it on the FAQ!

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